Cheap Phone Sex Quickie

Phone Sex before coffee… I know it sounds like a crazy idea… Who is even awake before the first cup of a delightfully amber Joe?

I remember, back in the days when I didn’t know better, coffee for me meant a warmish dark liquid, “brewed” out of a Mr. Coffee excuse of a brewer the taste of which had to be tempered with a toast or whatever breakfast laid in my fridge.

Then I met this lady and we became a couple, it was short-lived, but one thing she taught me was how to make real coffee and in more ways than I’d care to admit, she is the reason behind this article, although she doesn’t know anything about it. 

Besides, she was a lovely lady; if anything, she made a real difference in my life.

Why? Not only did she show me another way to enjoy my morning coffee, but she also reminded me that our brain is the sexiest part of ourselves! Once we let go of any prior hang-ups, that is.

 And this is how Phone Sex became the sugar in my coffee and before long, the sugar in all of my morning callers’ coffee mugs.

And you know what? Turns out a private, one on one conversation with your favority barista doesn’t even have to involve coffee.

All you need it to pick up the phone, can call me: 

So she taught me the value of a good cup of coffee and on many a morning, at dawn, the time when even the wolves get back to base, we would lay in bed, smelling the wonderful aroma of a coffee prepared as it should be, enjoying the bliss of the moment.

Of course, a lot of things happen when a couple lies in bed with a smile and yes, I know what you think… And I won’t fib! it was exactly that.

When the two of us decided to part ways:

  • I had not only learned how to make a good cup of coffee.
  • And confirmed that sex was particularly delicious after the first cup of mojo. 

One thing lead to another and soon, I was working for a phone sex company, providing sexual release to horny callers, in search of excitement.

live and cheap phone sexPhone sex operators distinguish themselves by the way they talk and relate to their callers, and believe me when I tell you that the power of the words we use, and the tone of our voices can send our callers to the best next thing to sexual nirvana.

Did you know that not all callers reach out to us for sex? Indeed, for some, the realization of their sexual fantasies comes second to their need to just talk.

A phone sex session, for some costs less than therapy. For them, a few dollars with me on a daily basis is all they need to get their bearings and if I’ve learned anything, it is never to judge anyone.

cheap phone sex be4 coffee

Of course, I am not advocating that people should forgo their relationship and go “adult-chat” only but to paraphrase an advert about a particular beer…

“I don’t always have phone sex, but when I do, I have it before coffee…” And sometimes after as well.


Call 1-888-281-8290 for ageplay fantasies

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